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TOUGHBALL - Onion Plants for the under 250 grams class.


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Available Mar 18, 2021.


These onions are grown for those who have no heated facilities for early growth themselves. Sown early January they will be ready for posting as young seedlings from approximately the end of February. Sent out in units of 10 in flat plastic containers. On receipt, these plants must be grown in a heated greenhouse with a minimum night temperature of 50ºF, preferably, with some bottom heat for the first few weeks as well in order to achieve good onions. Supporting the plants by using the plastic plant support clips, Item 0005, will ensure that they root faster and grow upright.

Item 1013 Toughball
A return to the catalogue for this onion that used to be unbeatable on the showbench. It’s a deep globe onion with beautiful veining on the dark coloured skin.

Sold in Units of 10 Including P&P


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