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Windermere F1

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Windermere F1

Product Information

Another exclusive variety bred for Medwyns, a cross with the Welsh Seedling to produce large specimens from seed which will be virus free. Selected as one of the best for its growth rate, shape and uniformity.

60 seed per Packet.


Price: £3.00

Reviews / Comments

Not quite lady of the lake
"Tried Leek Windermere from a late December 2016 sowing the resulting leeks grew very well and have produced largish leeks outside. unfortunately here we are in mid August 2017 and half to three quarters have run to seed, compared to Musselburgh which have only the usual 2 ot 3. In all fairness this may have been due to high temperatures during July. I probably will have some to show next month at village show and being a first time exhibitor and grew from seed instead of grass I am relatively pleased. I would not grow these for the table."
Aug 21 2017, 12:50 PMby John Laughlin

Good Trench Leek
"See my comment for the other leek in this category - 'Snowdon'. Tried Windemere this year (2010) from a November 2009 sowing and it performed very similar to Snowdon in my tunnel. Got good bulk on it and a very clean, virus-free leek. Did not show this one, but I could have as it compared reasonably well to my Pendle Improved stock (easily the best trench leek on the market). Very good for a seed-produced leek."
Sep 28 2010, 12:04 PMby John Challen

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