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Perlka 25Kg

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Perlka 25Kg

Product Information

The perfect fertiliser for a range of vegetable plants. Perlka is a unique nitrogenous fertiliser manufactured from natural raw materials; coal, limestone and atmospheric nitrogen. When combined by electricity these materials form a well-proven nitrogen fertiliser. Perlka composition is 19.8% nitrogen (N) 50% lime (CaO) 1.5% magnesium (MgO) The lime in Perlka in the form of calcium oxide when in contact with water this calcium quickly turns into lime hydrate Ca(OH)2 which is strongly alkaline. The lime in Perlka is therefore extremely active and positively influences the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils, as well as improving fertility. This combined with the distinctive nitrogen in Perlka helps revitalise soils which have been heavily cropped with vegetables. Full instructions supplied on an enclosed leaflet. I have used Perlka on my land with brassicas for the past two years and I have found that the Cauliflowers are more vigorous, the resulting heads were heavier and the roots were free from any traces of club root.

£25.00 per 25Kg Bag

Price: £25.00

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