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Garlic Strong Heritage – Purple Castilian (2 bulbs)

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Garlic Strong Heritage – Purple Castilian (2 bulbs)

Product Information

 Strong Heritage – Purple Castilian (2 bulbs)

Alium sativum var. ophioscorodon (Hardneck) - Originates close to Pilsen and its breweries. Topinky is also the Czech toasted garlic bread that is the perfect partner to a glass of Pilsner. Tall, dark green plant with beautiful purple stripes. This variety has a good shelf-life and punchy almost metallic taste, great for garlic bread as enjoyed by the Czech people for generations.

Horticultural Group: Purple Stripe
Origines: Pilsen, Czech Republic
Cloves: 8 - 10 cloves/ bulb
Expected size: 50 - 70mm
Planted: October - January
Harvested: July – August

Price: £7.95


Price: £7.95

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