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Garlic Heritage - Mikulov Wight (2 bulbs)

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Garlic Heritage - Mikulov Wight (2 bulbs)

Product Information

 Heritage - Mikulov Wight (2 bulbs)

Allium Sativum ophioscorodon (Hardneck) - From the beautiful southern Moravian town of Mikulov with its stunning castle of the Dietrichsteins. This is the garlic of the Jewish community that lived below. Violet coloured bulbs with very large cloves, approximately six to the bulb. The large leaves stand erect and strong, a very attractive plant. This is one of the most vigorous Eastern European garlic types. Keep it watered and it will yield well. The flavour is described by the locals as 'noble'. This garlic has goodshelf-life.

Horticultural Group: -
Origines: Moravia
Cloves: 5 - 8 cloves/ bulb
Expected size: 50 - 80mm
Planted: September - January
Harvested: Late July

Price: £7.95


Price: £7.95

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