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Auto Pot Systems


AutoPot Growing System


The Autopot system is a globally successful product. They use no electric parts at all, relying simply on natural forces such as gravity and capillary action. As the Autopot uses gravity, the system can be set out in any shape you like. If you have a very long, narrow space, you can arrange the pots all in a line without problem. Most growers tend to place them in square or rectangular way.


One of the best things about Autopot systems is how easy it is to extend them and change parts. This is great news because sometimes kits tend to be set by their own design and unchangeable. This ability to change everything means the system should last and last. Even tiny things like Aqua Valve collars and silicon parts are switchable to cover every eventuality. Post and Packing will be free on all Auto Pots systems.


Easy2Go Kit

Easy2Go Kit

  EASY2GO KIT   Turn any gardening tray into an AutoPot System. Assembled and installed with remarkable eas…
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4 Pot System

4 Pot System

  4 POT SYSTEM – 15 Litre Pots   The 4 Pot System combines ease of use and minimal labour with t…
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Easy2grow Kit

Easy2grow Kit

Easy2grow Kit - 8.5 Litre   Trusted by our closest friends, esteemed hobby growers and our biggest commercial cli…
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Easy2grow Liquid Feed

Easy2grow Liquid Feed

  EASY2GROW LIQUID FEED   A mineral feed of the highest quality, developed through years of experience an…
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