New seed and leek plants

by on November 16, 2015
in Vegetable Growing

A new Cauliflower for the Summer and Autumn period was shown at my recent Masterclass Weekend by Nick Bolton, a breeder and one of the speakers. It really does look tremendous – large, very heavy with a well domed and smooth head with really good leaf cover over the curd. This could certainly be a good one for the coming season. We have been given exclusivity on this variety and it’s now available on my on line shop Item N0 3075 Idris F1.

I have also just released on to the shop the Llanberis blanch leek and the CSC (Cumbrian Sammy cross) Pot Leek. Both of these are available as rooted bulbils as well as Premium plants.


2 Responses to “New seed and leek plants”
  1. Paul says:

    Will be interested in the new cauliflower, always like to give one a trial every year.

  2. John Gifford says:

    Good Morning.

    Just wondering when we will see the premium leek selection on the shop site for this year.

    Thank You.


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