Purple Eyed Seedling Potato

by on March 8, 2013
in Vegetable Growing

A very quick blog before I travel down to Wakefield to give a talk at the Northern Branch all day Seminar.  I now have some Purple Eyed Seedling in stock at the same price and postal charges as the others in my Catalogue. You can order the potatoes by the Kilo from my on line shop, Item N0 6013.  I also now have plenty of Cedrico Tomato seed and I would suggest you buy enough to last you a few years because it has definitely finished. Tomatoes have a good shelf life if kept in the bottom of a refrigerator, Item N0 3145 in our Shop.


5 Responses to “Purple Eyed Seedling Potato”
  1. Marcus Powell says:

    Hi Medwyn,

    I was led to believe that coated seed doesn’t store very well(even in a fridge) and as Cedrico is coated would that inhibit germination next year?

    Best Regards,


  2. Medwyn says:

    The Cedrico tomato seed are not coated and will keep well in the fridge. Tomato seed can remain viable for a number of years if kept chilled.

  3. Marcus Powell says:

    Thanks Medwyn, I thought as the seeds were blue in colour that they had a coating on.



  4. Elfed Williams says:

    I am really looking forward to the planting season. Hope your grow bags are as good as last year. What really good old fashioned tasting potatoes would you recommend this season?

  5. Medwyn says:

    The bags you had last year were actually a special mix that exhibitors use for growing potatoes in. My favourite early potatoes are Lady Christl and Casablanca, second early is Kestrel – my favourite potato of them all. Naturally as the potato and the tomato are the same family, it does grow excellent tomato plants as well. We’ll have to get you some more to try! As with all soiless growing mediums, they do require liquid feeding after about six weeks or so and I recommend ‘Peters Proffesional’ that we have the rights from Scotts (Levington) to repackage in smaller quantities. These are proffesional products and the plants really respond well to regular liguid feeds. The one for Toamtoes has an NPK of 9+9+s6 and used at the rate of 1 gram per litre. Alternatively use our New specific liquid tomato feed that has an NPK of 5+5+10 plus trace elements and added Fulvic acid. This is an unique mix as the fulvic acid (by way of Liquid Gold (Nutrimate) assists in transporting all the nutrients around the plants more efficiently. All are availble from the on line shop.

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